Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome to the Captured Soul

I believe people have an inner soul reveled by the camera that we as friends and strangers seldom see. The Lens revels it for short moments capturing its essence for eons as a memory for all that follow.

It has been my goal as a photographer to capture that moment. I see these moments occurring in the most frivolous to the most serious of times.

 Be it a candid shoot or formal posed shoot I try to find or create the light and shadow that enhances those moments and tells a story that best describes those events we all find ourselves at.

 This prescription shaped the way I see the world. I always try to place people in surroundings and with objects that will bring these moments about.  That will allow the person to interact with me and the camera in a way that will allow others to see the inner soul.

 An important piece to making this happen is making sure we are comfortable with each other so let's get to know each other, spend some time talking about your likes, your wants from the shoot and the images you want to see hanging on your walls.    

Then... Let's shoot!